Music Composition

Composition & arrangement across multiple genres

Audio Engineering

Mixing, mastering and audio restoration services

Sound Design

Commercial sound design for film, broadcast and SFX

Over 40 Years Making Music

I’ve been an audio nerd all my life, from starting my journey learning the piano at 5 years old to being involved at the cutting edge of music production with modern technology. I work with a variety of clients to create high end compositions across many different genres, with a focus on expert mixing and mastering to get the very best sound possible. Whether it’s music for film/TV, corporate music, jingles, theme and incidental music, sound effects and foley, background music, orchestral scores or full rock/pop songs, I have the skills to produce pretty much whatever you need. 

I’m blessed that my calling is the thing I love the most… creating emotion with music.


Some of my latest full song compositions. I write under the artist pseudonym Kalliste, and you can find tons of my music on Soundcloud, Spotify, AppleMusicDeezer and over 30 other platforms.

Do you have a song which you want writing and producing? Whether you already have it written, or it’s just in your head, I can produce a complete finished, polished and personalised song for you. I’ve written tunes which have been used as birthday presents, wedding gifts and even memorials for people who have sadly passed away. 


A selection of short tracks I’ve written and produced for a range of different clients and mediums. 


A selection of sound design examples from various different films and videos…

Composer Challenge: The Hobbit

The challenge was to create at least 1 minute of alternative score for a scene from one of the HOBBIT movies…and it had to be written, recorded and produced to a reasonable broadcast quality…all in under 8 hours. 

Hypnotic Relaxation Music

This album of hypnotic relaxation music was one of my first official releases. To date, it has had over 500,000 plays, and is used is Spa’s and treatment rooms all over the world.