Asteroid – Awesome sound design sampler video

Asteroid sound design video sampler
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Space – the final frontier… and this sound design sampler follows the trajectory of a CGI generated Asteroid spinning through the cosmos.

In this short video, I wanted to create a real sense of the vastness of space and the endless depth of the universe. With FM generated bass sounds, and deep sub-bass as the asteroid hits the planetary rim, this sampler is a great example of how to use Sound Effects (SFX) to create a dramatic feel for the video.

Asteroid Sound Design Video

I spent a lot of time on the sound design of this piece, really wanting to get something unique, and my trust Yamaha MODX came in handy to create the deep sub-bass. I also really like the fact that it wasn’t a particularly thick sound, with the thinness really adding something when blended with some of the atmospheric background noise.

Video not playing? Click here to watch on YouTube.

Dylan Leighton

Dylan Leighton

Dylan Leighton is an expert in marketing automation, Sales Funnels, Blockchain and Human Behavioural Psychology. Born and Bred in Yorkshire, England, he now works predominantly as a growth hacking strategist, working with brands from all over the world to improve user acquisition and customer retention.

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