One of the most important elements in digital marketing is creativity. This isn’t about just making pretty pictures, it’s about finding ways to grab attention and be innovative. 

Creativity comes in many forms, and across all modalities. Visual artists grab attention with incredible designs. Audio artists create soundscapes that drive emotion. A chef uses gustatory and olfactory art to stimulate our senses and make food appealing. And writers create content which resonates with the rational part of us. 

In the world of digital marketing, being able to combine all these forms of creativity, in the way that works best, is fundamentally the key to stimulating interest. Oh, and it’s really fun to get creative too. 

I’m a highly creative person, and know how to create everything from animated whiteboard explainers to produce exceptional quality music and audio. 

I use my creativity in conjunction with technology and psychology to come up with measurable ways of getting people interested and excited. Creativity begins with strategy, and knowing both your outcomes and the needs of your customers.

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