Fandom Sports developing Esports NFT exchange

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Fandom Sports developing esports NFT exchange and rewards platform | Company creating numerous unique NFT’s to reward fans for engagement. | First NFT already minted

Fandom Sports has announced it is developing an NFT exchange specifically focused on the lucrative Esports market, with a view on rewarding users of it’s engagement platforms with unique Non-Fungible Tokens. The company has announced it has already minted its first Fancoin NFT, which they say will form the backbone of the company’s fan rewards program.

“Current scalability issues with the deployment of NFTs in real time to facilitate the capture of digital moments relating to speed and cost are roadblocks to mass adoption. On top of the actual imbedded NFT exchange, our development team is considering specific solutions that will enable users of the Fandom Sports platform to create, share and transact NFTs in new and unique ways that the current NFT protocols cannot support. Fandom remains steadfast on its technical roadmap to continue delivering innovative solutions that improve upon existing processes and methodologies. The peerless capabilities that we have demonstrated pertaining to data ingestion, analysis and presentation for Esports and the planned sports modules will be extended to differentiate ourselves in the rapidly growing and evolving NFT space,”

David Vinokruov, President & CEO, Fandom Sports

The platform is being deployed as both a web and mobile app which will be available on both Android and iOS devices, with multi-language support for Fandom’s regulated betting and unregulated Esports prediction engagement products.

You can find the full press release here.

Dylan Leighton

Dylan Leighton

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