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The world is full of rule-breakers. It needs to be, because this is the way in which we evolve, through trying, testing, tweaking and trying again. Not everyone has the mind to be able to do this kind of thing…But I do. 

Welcome to my world. Now, let’s break some rules!

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Hi, I’m Dylan Leighton. I specialise in coming up with ways to get more customers and sales online. 

I do this by combining my unusual skillsets in Psychology, Technology and Creativity together to strategise and deliver incredible results. You can call me a growth hacker if you like, or a Sales Funnel consultant, or a digital marketing guy. Yes, I’m all of those things, but I don’t really fit into any label. Essentially, I’m a rebel who immediately looks for ways in which more customers and better conversions could be reached. 

If you would like to come and talk to me, and find out what makes me different from every other “web” guy out there, you can book a completely FREE strategy session right now. I promise you that it will change the way you are thinking about how you do business online. 

This is what I do

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Probably one of the smartest people I've ever met. His ability to strategise and come up with insanely creative solutions to complex problems, both technical and interpersonal, is frankly astonishing.
Adam L.
Ceo & Founder of digital agency
Half an hour after meeting Dylan, you get the sense that you're in the presence of a true genius, who genuinely wants to help you out. He has integrity, humour and a wealth of knowledge and experience.
Garry S.

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"Doing anything without data is just guesswork... and then you're f**ked"
dylan leighton
Dylan Leighton

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