Murder – Sound Design Example

murder sound design video sampler
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This short sampler clip is a demonstration of the use of sound design to bring tension to a video.

In this video, the protagonist is clearly remembering events, in this case the snapshots of the murder. With fast visual transitions, I designed the memories using a retro ‘flash bulb’ like sound, which created the illusion that you were witnessing a forensic examiner photographing the grizzly scene.

Discordant pads, foley and original sounds enhance the image, and create a tension-filled emotional state in the viewer.

Murder Video Sampler

This is a great example of what I do when I’m working on Sound Design for film and TV. Try watching the clip with the sound muted, and you will notice that all the drama disappears from the scene… It’s the audio which really gives this video it’s full power.

Doesn’t load properly? You can click here to see the video on YouTube

Dylan Leighton

Dylan Leighton

Dylan Leighton is an expert in marketing automation, Sales Funnels, Blockchain and Human Behavioural Psychology. Born and Bred in Yorkshire, England, he now works predominantly as a growth hacking strategist, working with brands from all over the world to improve user acquisition and customer retention.

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