Rainmaker launched World’s 1st stock and fantasy crypto gaming platform

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Rainmaker, the world’s first fantasy crypto gaming platform, was launched to offer India’s crypto enthusiasts and crypto curious a whole new and unique trading experience.

Rainmaker, the world’s first fantasy crypto gaming platform, was launched to offer India’s crypto enthusiasts and crypto curious a whole new and unique trading experience.

With India being the world’s second largest cryptocurrency adoption, Rainmaker aims to revolutionize the whole experience. It offers a near-real experience by trades and inviting players to learn analytical skills in crypto portfolio management. The platform also offers a similar experience in the stock market fantasy league in India, replicating the actual stock exchanges in India. Rainmaker is now available on iTunes and Google Play Store.

Rainmaker is based on the core vision of democratizing knowledge for individuals interested in learning the nuances of this investment avenue in a fun way. It’s connected to an actual global cryptocurrency exchange. Crypto fantasy gaming uses data and references from live events taking place around the world. Players can safely make life-like trades in a fantasy gaming environment. They can pick from over 20 different types of paid and free contest formats available on the platform. It provides the flexibility to exit when they choose, allowing them full in-game control to stop loss/profit booking.

What is Rainmaker?

The app is centered on a single idea of educating all and bringing trading enthusiasts from India and around the world together on a single platform. The app offers over 20 types of contest game formats, multiple time-bound contests for each format, and unlimited free contests to practice. The entire gameplay is based on a simple online fantasy investment gaming principle concerning the user rewards, taking references based on data from live events, analysis, and fluctuations taking place in the real-time Indian stock and global cryptocurrency markets using real-time data of exchanges. For more information and wins visit: www.rainmaker.win

“While India’s love for cryptocurrency trading has outdone that of even the US and China, the knowledge around how to maximize one’s investment in crypto trading is still limited. With Rainmaker, it is not only the crypto literate that we hope to attract but also those who are unsure but are crypto curious, that we hope to arm with the knowledge needed to confidently become an actual crypto trader.”

Harsh Himmatsingka, Founder & CEO, Rainmaker

He added, “Even in stock trading, India is witnessing greater participation from a wider pool of individuals with young professionals rapidly joining the fray. Many of these are coming from tier II and III towns which is encouraging and a strong indicator of a growing investment and earnings mindset. With Rainmaker, we hope to further fuel this trajectory. And for the numerous gaming enthusiasts who are simply looking for high-octane fun, Rainmaker offers the right mix of adrenalin and know-how to create a fulfilling experience.”

Rainmaker is the flagship product of first stock contest limited, a tech startup established in 2021 in the Real Money Gaming (RMG) space. The interface is simple and apt for crypto beginners. Let’s get started!

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Dylan Leighton

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