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Sales Funnels

Sales Funnels are the key to improving conversion online. Because 98% of visitors to your website don’t become customers immediately, being able to develop a relationship with them over time is paramount. This is the job of the high converting sales funnel, and I’m an expert of building them. 

Imagine a steady stream of prospective customers coming to you because you have something of value to offer them, normally for free. Something in fact so valuable that they are happy to trade their contact details with you in return for whatever it is. Now, you can communicate with them, slowly, over time, continually demonstrating that what you offer is valuable. When the time comes for them to make the investment in whatever you do, when it’s right for them, you are ready and prepared to serve them. And they already know and trust you. 

This is the essence of the high converting sales funnel, and it’s one of the most useful digital tools to increase awareness and improve your customer base. 

With a long career which combines technology and creativity with human behavioural psychology, it made sense to put these skills to use together. I provide everything you can imagine when it comes to sales funnels, from consultative to development, training and complete management. 

Whether you are a small sole-proprietor business or a large corporate enterprise, I can assist you in deploying the right tools and strategies to build amazing sales funnels. 


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