Salesforce 5th State of Marketing Report

Salesforce 5th State of Marketing Report
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Salesforce highlight changing customer expectations, and exciting (if complex) marketing landscape.

The 5th annual State of Marketing report from industry giants Salesforce has been released for 2020. Once again, Salesforce provides marketers with a number of interesting and compelling insights.

Released right in the middle of the global covid19 crisis, the report highlights some of the key challenges and new trends in the digital marketing world in mid 2020.

Key takeaways from the report

The new Salesforce Research report collected data from around 7,000 marketing leaders, and concluded 3 main takeaways including how:

  • Customer experience mandates are expanding marketing’s purview.
  • Exponential growth in data sources is creating new opportunities and challenges.
  • Marketers are balancing customers’ dual demands for personalization and privacy.

Download the entire Salesforce 5th State of Marketing Report here

Dylan Leighton

Dylan Leighton

Dylan Leighton is an expert in marketing automation, Sales Funnels, Blockchain and Human Behavioural Psychology. Born and Bred in Yorkshire, England, he now works predominantly as a growth hacking strategist, working with brands from all over the world to improve user acquisition and customer retention.

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