The full range of audio, composition and arrangement services provided. To hire me, please visit the contact page

Composition & Music Production

orchestral composition services


Full composition of scores for solo instruments to entire orchestras

contemporary composition services


Composition of entire modern tunes, from rock to pop, soul to psy-trance

corporate composition services


Music for corporate videos, including explainers and audio branding

broadcast composition services


Complete scores, incidental and background music for film, TV and radio

Audio Engineering Services

audio mixing services


High quality mixing of virtually any kind of music from audio stems

audio mastering services


Top grade mastering of any track to CD, streaming or film standards

audio restoration services


Cleaning up of dirty audio, remastering and digitisation of analogue sounds

audio finishing services


Putting the final touches to any track to give it that perfect vibe

Sound Design

sound design services

Sound Design

Original sound design from the realistic to the surreal for film, TV & radio

soundscape and atmospheric services


Soundscapes and atmospheric backing and room modelling for media projects

voiceover services


High quality recording and production of human voiceovers

sample bank services

Sample banks

Unique FM and sample based patches and presets for virtually any instrument


Because all music and audio services are different, rates are generally set on a per-project basis, and depending on the complexity of the work required, may be billed by an hourly rate, daily rate or project rate. We will discuss the exact fees and negotiate prices based on the level, type and extensive nature of the services required. 

In some cases, some or all fees for audio services and composition may be offset for future royalties.

All fees can be paid in multiple currencies, including cryptocurrency.